Customer Testimonial

Joseph and Jade had been happy as long-term tenants of the Burkentine Property, The Woods at Dew Drop community in York, PA. Once they had a son, they searched for a home to call their own. Like so many other young families, finding the right house in such a competitive housing market was challenging.

That’s when they discovered Burkentine Builders had a new townhome community at Hudson Ridge in Red Lion, PA. Burkentine partnered with the charitable organization, Homes 4 HOPE. It was a company they trusted and a cause they could get behind. Jade commented on the chance to give back saying, “The fact that this is our first home and it’s the only Homes 4 HOPE home in this neighborhood… I mean, that just kind of put the icing on top of the cake because I mean, to be a part of something that’s so important and so meaningful, especially with everything going on in the world right now, it just really meant a lot to us for them to involve us.

About Homes 4 HOPE:
Burkentine Builders and their suppliers come together to donate or discount their time, talents and resources on an upcoming build and then take the profit that is generated from the sale of that home and donate it to Homes 4 HOPE, which enables us to provide biblically-based training, savings services and loans for entrepreneurs who are living in poverty around the world. It truly is entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs.” – Matthew Baehr, Executive Director, Homes 4 HOPE.

Jade and Joseph closed on the townhome located in the Hudson Ridge community in Red Lion, PA. Forty thousand dollars from the sale of the property will provide services to 1,600 families initially, and more beyond that as the loans get repaid.

Making it Possible From offer through closing:
Burkentine Real Estate Group is a one-stop shop, that streamlined the process using their own settlement company – Yorktowne Settlement Company. Jade and Joseph were approved through the preferred lender’s program, allowing Burkentine Real Estate Group to provide personalized service from the offer through closing. According to Joseph, “They worked with us. They said that we have a home for you here no matter what. And that meant a lot because a lot of the people turned us away, even just kind of walking into it. So, um, you know, that, that was special for me, you know, for someone to invest and believe that we were able to one day become homeowners, and here we are.


Our Culture of Happiness

Why we exist. At Burkentine, our WHY is to maximize happiness above all else for our employees and customers. Every part of the home buying process or home rental process was carefully designed to have homeowners and renters taken care of throughout the process. Our commitment to our customers is to deliver meaningful spaces to allow you to Live Different. Experience the difference with Burkentine team members that carry the Burkentine mission, vision and core values with them every step of the way.

Our Legacy

Since 1989, Burkentine Builders, Inc. has endeavored to create meaningful spaces, built with quality and craftsmanship and best in class service.

Paul and Rajean Burkentine founded Burkentine Builders in 1989. They recognized the need for a trusted contractor and defined their success by the satisfaction of their customers. After graduating from Penn State College of Engineering, their three sons, Michael, Bryce and Bryan, joined the family business and opened their new headquarters in south Hanover, PA.

Today, the Burkentine Enterprise has grown into multiple companies including Burkentine Real Estate Group, Builders, Properties and Land Development. We are a multifaceted, vertically integrated company that has built residential projects ranging from garden apartments, elevator apartments, townhomes, duplexes and single-family homes as well as commercial projects for office buildings and storage units. Burkentine has a portfolio of communities and homesites throughout the Mid Atlantic region that are privately owned by the company.

Burkentine is a homegrown business with strong values. We believe in providing our teams with a culture that inspires growth and development to deliver quality products and services to the customers we serve which filters down into each product delivered by the Enterprise.

Our Team

Our Team is a critical part of being a great company. Our company culture is unique and tends to attract fun loving outgoing people who genuinely enjoy life and love being a part of the Burkentine team. We believe in empowering our teammates, which means inspiring them to thrive and be their best in efforts to deliver the best products and services.

Apart of our team is our trusted trade partners. Our home building is done with the best in the business trades who we hold in high regard. Become a preferred trade partner with Burkentine to make sure you are signed up to bid our jobs first!

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is to create meaningful spaces and happiness for families and communities to Live Different. We do this as Family with a Balanced Life through Integrity & Trust with Passion & Purpose.

Our Motto, Live Different, is where passion meets purpose. It is a sense of feeling, that provides our teams, a culture, that inspires growth & development, while creating meaningful spaces & happiness to the families we serve.

Burkentine Mission Vision Core Values

Paying it Forward

Homes for Hope

Burkentine Builders is building locally to fight poverty globally. This home will provide thousands of people living in underserved communities around the world access to business training, savings services, and loans that will enable them to build businesses, care for their families, serve their communities, and break the cycle of generational poverty. As they pay their loans back, that money will be sent back out as more loans, serving even more families, and growing the impact of your generosity in a sustainable and dignifying way for years to come.

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