Month: April 2019

Designing A Bedroom For A Child On The Autism Spectrum

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Designing A Bedroom For A Child On The Autism Spectrum: Tips For Parents Designing a bedroom for a child takes a lot of consideration; not only does it need to be safe, it also needs to be functional, with enough room for your little one to move around and play. When your child is on… Read more »

Modern Home Builder Magazine, “Daring to be Different”

Burkentine Builders Moden Home Builder Magazine

Daring to be Different Burkentine Builders featured in Modern Home Builder Magazine By: Kat Zeman, Modern Home Builder Magazine Burkentine Builders challenges the status quo with its designs and creative use of technology To coincide with its 30th anniversary, Burkentine Builders is rolling out its new Farmhouse series and introducing an ultramodern way of using… Read more »