Do you own land in Hanover, PA, and plan to sell it? Land is always a good investment that likely gains value over the years. But at times, it might become less useful or more costly to you. Despite your attachment to the land, selling it could be a good idea. You may earn enough returns and save on tax and maintenance costs.

When selling your land, you can consider two main options. The first one is to sell through real estate agents. The next option is via land development real estate companies such as Burkentine Builders. While both are good options, many people opt for the latter for three primary reasons. If you have more questions about selling your land, contact us!

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1. They Want to Cash in Unused Land Parcels

Some people have big chunks of land. They might have inherited it from their parents or bought it for future investments. After some time, they find the land less useful. The owner’s family might have moved to other areas leaving them with inadequate capacity to take care of the many acres of land. Another reason they want to sell is that the cost of maintaining the land and county taxes might be high.

In this situation, the owner decides to cash in the unused land by selling it to us. We have many land development projects for real estate in Hanover, PA. Once we buy your land, we create a development plan, build apartments or single-family homes, and rent out or sell them. Hence, we improve the state of the land while the owners benefit from it by making extra coins on the sale.

2. Tough Financial Situations

Financial situations are another reason why people sell their land. The owner might be going through a hardship or need cash urgently. Their previous land developer might not be able to save the situation. Also, the developer may face some financial challenges and want to walk away. They might have used a bank financing option and cannot make the required monthly payments.

Such situations leave the owner vulnerable, believing the only way out is to sell the land. However, market conditions may not favor them. You will likely get a lower value than your land’s worth. The good thing is that you can secure a better price when you sell your property to land developers. For instance, Burkentine is always buying raw land for property development of real estate.

Unlike a real estate agent, developers base your land value on factors such as accessibility, type of property, location of the land, and aesthetics. Even when the market condition is rough, you can sell your property quickly at a high price. As such, many people consider dealing with us as they are sure of securing a better offer and saving their financial situation.

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3. Avoid Code Violations for Unkempt Property

Many people own vacant lands with the intention of developing them someday. With time, vegetation can take up your land if you fail to maintain it. Neighbors can also turn it into a dumping site. Some of the items thrown here can be an environmental hazard. This aspect violates local county safety rules and attracts fines for owning unkempt land.

To avoid these inconveniences, many people decide to sell land. If you have land at risk of local authority fines, you can consider selling it to a developer. Real estate companies like Burkentine Builders are always seeking lands in Hanover, PA, for development projects. So, selling your land to them allows you to maximize its value.

What Do We Do with the Land You Sell to Us?

Many people have an emotional attachment to their lands. This aspect makes them concerned about the land buyer’s intended purpose. As a building developer, Burkentine buys property for land development of real estate projects. We build various types of property depending on the land location.

Do You Want to Sell Your Land for the Development of Real Estate?

If you want to sell land to us, our project managers will work with you to discuss your concerns. They will explain how much we will pay and the time you will receive your payments. We always propose a legal agreement and partnership to ensure transparency and security.

At Burkentine Builders, we are a land development real estate company that keeps its promises. If you want to sell land in Hanover, PA, contact us for a discussion on the next step.

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