The prospect of building a new home can be exciting, but if it’s your first time you may have heard a few myths that have you hesitating.  Choosing to invest in a new construction home in York, PA is a big decision and we want to make sure you have all the facts when choosing the best home builder in York, PA.  Let’s talk about the misconceptions about home building and find out the truth.

5 New Home Construction Myths (That Just Aren’t True)

  1. Building a new home is more expensive than buying an existing home.  Of course, some of this will be market-dependent, but this is not generally true.  In fact, building a new construction home often comes with cost savings over the long term.  New homes have modern, energy-efficient features which will cut down on long-term expenses.  New home warranties will cover repair costs for a specified period of time after your new home purchase, saving you from unexpected expenses.  And customizing a home with the best home builder in York, PA means that you can prioritize your budget on the things that matter most to you.
  2. Building a new home takes too long.  While you will have to consider the construction timeline when building a new home, it may not take as long as you think, especially if you have some flexibility with your move.  Advancements in construction methods and streamlined building processes mean that home builders can complete homes quickly without sacrificing quality or cutting corners.  You may also be able to purchase a home that is already under construction, allowing you to choose finishes and design elements with a faster construction timeline.
  3. Building a new home is stressful.  When you work with the best home builder in York, PA they will ensure that your vision becomes a reality, without you feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  Choose a builder that keeps you up to date on the building process and timeline so you feel comfortable and can enjoy seeing your home come together.  With new construction, you’ll avoid the stress of being in a bidding war for the home you want.
  4. There are hidden costs and unforeseen issues.  A reputable builder will have a well-defined contract that lays out all expenses and costs for building your new home.  Regular updates and inspections will ensure that the building process is smooth and that issues are resolved quickly.  Additionally, the builder warranty will ensure that you don’t have unexpected repair costs after moving into your new home.
  5. New construction lacks character.  The best home builder in York, PA will offer multiple floor plans and elevation options allowing you to build a home that meets the needs of your family and matches your style.  One of the main benefits of building a new construction home is the ability to choose finishes like paint, counters, flooring, cabinets, and lighting, allowing you to give your home a personalized feel.  Buying a home with the finishes and layout you want now also saves you from stressful remodels and messy construction while you are living in the home.

How to Find the Best Home Builder in York, PA

Now that you know the truth about building a new construction home, it’s time to find the best home builder in York, PA.  You can start your search with online research, asking friends and coworkers about their experiences, and visiting neighborhoods you like.  

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