For many people, homeownership is part of their American dream.  But how do you know you’re ready to buy a home for sale in Hanover, PA?  Investing in a house is a big commitment and an important financial decision.  Here are a few questions you should ask yourself if you are considering home ownership.

Am I Financially Ready to Buy a House?

One of the first ways to know if you are ready to buy a home for sale in Hanover, PA is to consider if you are financially stable.  You should have a steady, dependable income, emergency savings, and manageable debt levels before taking on the responsibility of home ownership.

How Much Should I Have Saved Before Buying a House?

A good rule of thumb is to have 25% of the purchase price of the house saved (in addition to emergency savings) to cover your down payment, closing costs, and moving expenses.

What Should My Credit Be Before Buying a House?

A healthy credit score is crucial for securing a mortgage for your new home for sale in Hanover, PA.  A conventional loan requires a score of at least 620, but it’s ideal to have a score of 740 or higher.  The higher the score, the lower the interest rate you’ll be able to get.

How Long Do I Plan to Live in Hanover, PA?

Homeownership is long-term commitment, so you want to make sure you are buying a home in the city where you see yourself settling down in for several years.  If you anticipate moving for work or personal reasons in the near future, it may be best to continue to rent.

Am I Ready to Own a Home?

Owning your own home comes with a list of new responsibilities that you may not have as a renter.  These include home and yard maintenance, property taxes and insurance, and HOA fees.  If you feel ready and excited to take on these additional responsibilities, then it’s time for you to start looking at homes for sale in Hanover, PA.

Brookside Heights – New Construction Townhomes in Hanover, PA

As a first-time home buyer, choosing new construction can make the transition to home ownership a little bit smoother.  New homes tend to have fewer maintenance needs and repair costs and include a warranty to help with any unexpected issues.  At Brookside Heights, you’ll be residing in a thoughtfully designed community with lots of opportunities to get to know your neighbors and will quickly feel at home in your new home!

Learn more about all the benefits that Brookside Heights has to offer to new homeowners.  Call our office at 717-634-7367 to schedule an appointment today!