Whether you need to move to a new city to be closer to your support system or you’re looking at for-sale homes in the same place where you went to college, choosing a new construction home in Hanover, PA, can make a huge difference. Not only is maintenance in the first several years less expensive, but you’ll also have the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people in an up-and-coming home community.

At Burkentine Builders, we love to find the perfect home for people moving to a new environment. No matter if you want to live in more of a county setting or in neighborhoods closer to the city, we can help you find the ideal newly built home. Learn more about the benefits of these types of homes and find one you are interested in today!

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1. Low-Cost Maintenance

One of the best parts of moving to a new construction home near Hanover, PA, is that you likely won’t have to spend much money on maintenance any time soon. Your home will have new appliances, heating, plumbing, and air conditioning so that you can live worry-free for several years. After making such a large purchase and taking on the expense of a mortgage each month, not having to worry about unexpected out-of-pocket expenditures can help you breathe a sigh of relief.

2. A Clean and Fresh Start

Not only can you enjoy the benefits of not needing to repair appliances or the foundation of new construction homes, but it also gives you and your family a clean and fresh start. You won’t have to worry about whether the previous owners had pets that left stains in the carpets or whether there’s hidden mold growing in the basement. Because you will be the first people living in the home, you can simply move in and enjoy your home rather than having to do repairs the previous homeowners neglected for several years.

Put it this way: your family will be the first to shower, cook dinner, or celebrate a birthday in your new place. It allows you to truly organize your space and create something you love without worrying about fixing the dings in the wall from the last owners.

3. Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is the third benefit when deciding whether to purchase a newly built home. Modern construction techniques and advanced technologies give new homes this advantage. For example, the latest insulation for the walls and ceiling can help reduce heat loss in the winter and keep your home cool in the summer.

A more energy-efficient home, especially when certified by a third-party home energy rater, can help save you money on utility bills. Older homes were built for a different time and didn’t benefit from the latest building materials during their original construction. A 2009 survey interpreted by NIH Homes found homeowners of new homes spent 13 cents less per square foot per year on electricity than older homes.

4. Easier to Install Smart Home Devices

A wall with a smart screen at the living room entrance.A few decades ago, smart homes were just something from sci-fi movies. Today, there are more smart devices being added to homes every day. If installing a Google Home or Alexa to control your heating, air conditioning, lights, and other areas of your home is on your wish list, it will be easier to add to a new construction home near Hanover, PA, than one built in the 1950s.

So if you want to embrace living in a home with controls ready to be synced with smart technology versus installing them yourself, then a newly built home may be right for you.

5. Protected by a New Builder Warranty

When you purchase new construction in Hanover, PA, from Burkentine Builders, you can get up to a 10-year warranty on your new home. These warranties apply to new construction homes and usually cover issues with building materials, in-home systems, workmanship, and structural problems. So if you notice nail pops appearing on the drywall of the interior walls after you move in or some other covered issue, your builder’s warranty will cover the repairs.

6. Functional Floor Plans

Another big benefit of buying new homes for sale in Pennsylvania is having modern and functional floor plans. Whether you’re looking for a 1.5-story home with a first-floor primary bedroom, a charming and rustic farmhouse, or a townhome, you can find the right type of floor plan for you. Homes that were built years ago may not have the open space and modern convenience of a new home.

7. A Better Resale Price

When you are making a major life change and moving to a new place, the last thing on your mind might be when you plan on moving out. But the fact remains that not every place you live will be your forever home. Maybe when you become empty nesters, your single-family home will be too large, and you might want to get settled into a new townhouse. Or maybe you land your dream job in a town in another state and decide to move.

Either way, you may not stay in your new home for the rest of your life. It’s always better to think ahead in these scenarios and consider the resale value of the home you are about to purchase. As older homes continue to age and have outdated qualities, buying a new construction home will likely hold or increase its value, allowing you to make some money when it eventually sells.

A cul-de-sac of houses with a beautiful sunset in the background.

8. Enjoy a New Community with Top Amenities

When you purchase a new home in Pennsylvania, buyers frequently purchase one in new and upcoming home communities. And since location is everything when it comes to real estate, having a new community with modern amenities to live in can be perfect for the life you want to live. Imagine your kid being able to play with new friends in their neighborhood while you relax with their parents in your new home community.

There might also be community amenities to share, such as a pool, walking paths, clubhouse, or more. Also, there might be attractive amenities close to your new construction. Hanover, PA, is close to York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg, as well as the best dining, hiking trails, and shopping experiences around. Plus, you’re not too far from exploring a new city by taking a quick drive to Baltimore, MD, or Washington, D.C.

9. Easier Transactions

Purchasing new homes for sale in Pennsylvania will always be a challenge. You’ll need to figure out financing, purchase homeowner’s insurance, pay a deposit and closing costs, and much more. But when you buy a new home from home builders, they’ll go above and beyond to ensure the transaction is as smooth as possible. After all, they want you to give them a glowing review to all your friends, so they buy homes from them too!

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If you were pleasantly surprised by any of these benefits or want to explore this home option further, contact us today! We have new construction homes near Hanover, PA, that will satisfy all your needs. Isn’t it time to put down roots and experience the independence of homeownership? Make this exciting change today and explore all our new homes for sale in Pennsylvania.

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