Burkentine Builders brings Smart Home Technology, Alexa, to Salem Overlook Community in York, PA

Introducing a self-guided, digital model home

Burkentine Builders is introducing an ultramodern way of using technology for customers to view model homes. We are rolling out our first digital model home at our Salem Overlook community in York, PA. This digital model home will be the first of its kind.

Customers will be greeted by a salesperson, but they will not be physically present at the home. It will be a live interaction through digital technology using Ring and Alexa.

A potential homebuyer will arrive at the home and ring the doorbell, then he or she will be greeted by a live person through a speaker and they will unlock the door. The customer will then be instructed on where to go to speak with the sales person through a digital screen.

This allows the homebuyer to have all their questions answered immediately by a live human being – just digitally without having to have someone sit at the home 24/7. We live in a modern-day, one-click culture, and Burkentine wanted to bring that same cultural ideology to new home sales.

To make it happen, we formed a committee made up of smart home advisors and tasked them with brainstorming ideas for a method that would allow potential homebuyers to view our model homes when it was convenient for them.

The digital model home launched in July and will be used to showcase Burkentine Builders’ new Farmhouse Series which we rolled out last year. We focus on building a culture of happiness that inspires our employees and customers to challenge the status quo and allow families to Live Different.