Burkentine Builders featured in Modern Home Builders

From home building to property management: an all-in solution to meet America’s skyrocketing housing demand from Burkentine Builders

Modern Home Builders Front Cover MagazineConnecticut, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida – these are the new markets that Burkentine Real Estate Group has entered into the last few years. Since then, the company has experienced strong, exponential growth, and has opened a new ‘Build for Rent’ division.

As a result, company holdings are up 360 percent and the rate of delivery for construction projects is rising. Currently, Burkentine builds and delivers approximately 1000 homes per year – and that is not fixed. The company intends to grow that figure to 3000, cementing itself as one of the top builders in the US. In fact, Burkentine has already been recognized by the renowned real estate consultant John Burns, who listed the firm as one of the Top 200 Companies Revolutionizing Housing.

The majority of these homes are rental townhouses, garden style homes, or elevator apartments – all of which remain Burkentine’s core market.The Company also has a ‘For Sale’ division that builds projects for investors to purchase. “We typically build and hold our properties, but we do have a division that builds and sells properties as well, this keeps us diversified as a company” Michael Burkentine says. Burkentine also builds single family detached homes and single family attached homes for the new home buyer marketplace. For Burkentine, the goal is to provide high-quality homes with best-in-class amenities for individuals and families that need space and flexibility to live the way they want.

Another aspect of the actively growing business is Burkentine’s 15,000-unitstrong rental pipeline, which is managed as part of the Burkentine Properties Group.As a multifaceted organization, the firm also prides itself on being vertically integrated; that is, Burkentine manages everything – from start to finish – in-house, including land acquisition and development, entitlements, horizontal and vertical construction, property management, servicing and warranty, and asset management.

More recently, Burkentine designed and built a new, state-of-the-art corporate headquarters. However, with the current rate of progress, the firm is already outgrowing it. Indeed, an employee base of 47 in 2020 has leaped to nearly 180 as of September this year, and new hires are still joining. This number is projected to approach 200 employees by the end of 2022.

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