If you are building new construction in York, PA, one of the best parts is being able to personalize your home and choose finishes and upgrades.  For many new homeowners, a large part of their budget is dedicated to the kitchen.  Let’s talk about what’s trending in kitchen designs and what’s worth spending a little extra on.

5 Kitchen Trends

  1. Backsplash Tiles to the Ceiling: Extending backsplash to the ceiling can make a bold statement and serve as a design element in your kitchen. This creates a seamless backdrop for your kitchen and can make the space feel larger and more cohesive
  2. Island Cabinets Being a Contrast Color: There’s no rule that says all cabinetry must be the same color. Homeowners are opting for a neutral for their perimeter cabinets and choosing a contrast color for the island. This could mean mixing white with a stained wood or opting for a pop of color on the island.  This is a great way to add personality and style to your kitchen.
  3. Natural Materials for Lighting: Adding texture to your kitchen with natural materials like rattan for lighting is a popular choice. This adds warmth and bohemian charm, giving your kitchen a cozy feel. Tie in this design choice by using rattan elements in your kitchen décor.
  4. Open Concept Kitchen: Open concept floor plans aren’t new, but they also aren’t going anywhere. Families love having kitchen that blend into their living spaces, making it easier to to entertain and spend time together as a family.
  5. Built-In Organization: Custom pantries and built in organization are a top priority for homeowners in 2024. Efficient storage and organization help to create a functional kitchen that works for your lifestyle and family. Consider adding drawer dividers, pull out shelves, cookie sheet organizers, and spice racks as part of your new construction in York, PA.

Design Your Dream Kitchen with New Construction in York, PA

When considering which kitchen trends to incorporate into your new construction in York, PA focus on creating an inviting and functional space for your family to enjoy.

If new construction in York, PA is in your future, visit Burkentine Builders to learn more about our neighborhoods, floor plans, and design options for creating your dream home.  Our sales team is ready to help you find the right home today!