Maintaining your fireplace will save you time and money

Fall is here and these cool nights make us want to cozy up close to the fireplace while drinking hot cocoa. For effective usage, it’s important to maintain your fireplace and keep it in the best condition.

Schedule yearly maintenance

Make sure your fireplace is checked every year so it runs efficiently. Best time for a check up? Before fall and winter arrive and you light the fire for the first time.

Using your fireplace

Use your fireplace for short periods of time, such as hours, not days. Do not leave your fireplace unattended. Turn it off when you’re not using it.

Keep a barrier

Modern gas fireplaces are required to have safety barriers or a safety screen that prevents someone from touching the glass. Still, accidents may happen, so it’s important to keep pets and children at least 3 feet away and place your own barriers farther out around the fireplace.