Whether you’re moving down the street, or across the country, packing up your house or apartment can feel overwhelming and stressful. We’ve put together a few moving hacks to help the process run smoothly.

Packing Suitcase1. Leading up to the move date, pack a suitcase as if you are going on vacation. That way you can get by for a few days before you have to start rummaging through boxes to get ready in the morning.

2. Pack a bin with items you’ll likely need right away…for example, toilet paper, paper towels, plastic wear, paper plates, cleaning supplies, etc.

Writing on Moving Box3. Often, if you’re a regular at a local business, they’ll save their shipping boxes for you to pick up in the weeks prior to the move. Or you could put out a call on social media, or yard sale sites such as Facebook marketplace.

4. Label your boxes on the side, not on top. Write the room that the boxes go to. Movers don’t care what’s in them, they just want to know where to put them down.

TV Connections5. To keep closets organized, slide clothing on hangers directly into white, plastic garbage bags. Use a sharpie to write which room they go to right on the bag. If you’re moving a chest of drawers, just leave the folded clothing right in the drawers. It’s better than transferring to and from a box.

6. When it comes to dishes, instead of wrapping each plate in newspaper, place a large Styrofoam plate between each one.

Bill Folder7. Take pictures of your electronic connections to make it easier to hook up once you arrive at your new place.

8. And finally, keep a folder readily available with your utility accounts from the old place, and also information on the new place to have ready when you get to the move.