Moving into a smaller house often symbolizes a fresh start.  Maybe you’ve decided to live more simply and reduce expenses and clutter.  Perhaps you’re an empty nester who needs less space now that the kids are out of the house (and less square footage to worry about cleaning!).  However, moving into a single story home in Camp Hill, PA can also bring the challenges of decluttering your belongings so you can fully enjoy your new space.  Keep reading for our top tips for minimizing your possessions for downsizing.

How To Downsize To Move to a Smaller House

  1. Start early: As soon as you know that downsizing is a possibility, you can start the process of reducing your belongings.  Be thoughtful about new items you’re bringing into your home and make a plan for selling or donating items you know you won’t need in your new single story home in Camp Hill, PA.
  2. Prioritize what’s important: Items that you use regularly and have sentimental value should go on your “keep” list.  Assess duplicate items and things that may be outdated or no longer used.
  3. Measure your new space: Make sure you are only taking items to your new single story home in Camp Hill, PA that will make sense in the space.  Check floor plans and take measurements to ensure the furniture you are moving will be functional in your new home.
  4. Digitize and declutter paperwork: Bills, documents, and other papers can accumulate over the years.  Shred paperwork that is no longer needed and scan important documents you need to keep to save on space.  
  5. Embrace minimalism: This is an ideal time for a shift in mindset!  Keep the items that bring you joy or serve a purpose.  Otherwise, it may be time to say thank you and goodbye.  

Enjoy Simple Living in a Single Story Home in Camp Hill, PA

Downsizing is an excellent opportunity to simplify your life, reduce clutter, and prioritize what’s truly important. If you’re ready to explore living in a smaller space, consider a single family home in Camp Hill, PA.  

The Birch Grove community in Camp Hill, PA offers neighborhood living in stylish, single floor homes.  Floor plans offer two and three bedroom options with craftsman style details.  Enjoy community outdoor space and a walking path, while staying close to amenities like shops and restaurants.  Contact a sales agent at 717-698-2614 to learn more!