Whether you are ready to buy your first home, or looking for a new space now that you’re an empty nester, it can be hard to know if you should go with a single story or multilevel home.  If you are considering a two story vs. one story new construction home in Hanover, PA, keep reading to learn about the benefit of a single story.

Two Story Vs. One Story New Construction Home in Hanover, PA

When you’re looking for a home there are a lot of factors to consider when finding your dream home.  How many bedrooms and bathrooms, what kind of finishes do you want, how large do you want your yard to be, and how many stories do you want?  Depending on your needs, there are pros and cons to two story vs. one story new construction home in Hanover, PA.

Benefits of a One Story Home

If you think a one story home may be for you, here are a few benefits that may help with your decision making.

  • Accessibility and Safety: Since there are no stairs, one story homes are more accessible.  This makes them ideal for anyone with mobility issues, families with young children that don’t want to deal with the hazards stairs can pose, or for older adults to who struggle with stairs.  With no staircases to navigate, you can reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Lower Maintenance: Single story homes are easier to maintain and clean.  You don’t have to worry about lugging the vacuum up the stairs or the cumbersome task of cleaning the stairs.  Maintenance like painting is also simpler in a one story home.
  • Energy Efficient: Oftentimes, utility bills are lower in a one story home since it is easier to heat and cool.

Are You Looking for a New Construction Home in Hanover, PA?

If your home search criteria include a one story new construction home in Hanover, PA, consider Belmont Ridge Villas.  This community prioritizes easy living with all single story homes and select lawn maintenance included.  This makes it ideal for busy professionals, young families, or empty nesters looking to downsize.  To learn more, call our sales office at 717-698-2614.