Are you in the market for a new construction home? If so, you’re likely overwhelmed by all your options. From single-family homes to duplexes and condos, various types of new construction houses are available on the market today. The decision can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little research and planning, you can find the right type of new construction house that fits both your lifestyle needs and budget.

In this article, we’ll discuss the types of new construction homes and some key considerations when choosing between the different types. We’ll also provide tips for finding the perfect house that suits your and your family’s needs. By following these steps, you can decide which type of new home is right for you!

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The Different Kinds of Newly Built Homes

When deciding on the floor plan for your new home, there are several challenges that you may face. One of the main challenges is balancing your needs and preferences with your budget. It’s important to choose a new home that meets your needs, but you also need to consider the cost of the building process overall when taking things into account.

Another challenge you may face is choosing a floor plan that meets your family’s needs. If you have young children or elderly adults living with you, you may need a floor plan that minimizes stairs and provides easy access to bedrooms, bathrooms, and other living spaces. Alternatively, if you have older children or teenagers living with you, you may need a floor plan that provides them with their own space and privacy.

It’s also important to consider the layout and design of the home. You may want a home with an open floor plan, which provides a spacious and fluid living area, or a traditional floor plan, which provides distinct spaces for different activities. Other factors to consider are the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the kitchen, and the amount of storage space.

At Burkentine, we offer a variety of newly built homes to meet your diverse needs and preferences. While there are all different kinds of new homes out there to choose from, here are some of the types of new homes we offer:

1.5-Story, First-Floor PRIMARY Suite Homes

A 1.5-story first-floor master suite home is ideal for homeowners looking for a perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and style. This type of new home is particularly suitable for individuals or families who prefer single-story living with the bonus of extra living space on the upper floor.

Additionally, this new home’s floor plan offers 2,500 square feet of room for your family to enjoy. It offers a scenic front porch, a breathtaking great room, and an open-style floor plan. It’s perfect for larger families and has plenty of space for you to grow. The Salem, The Lakewood, and The Savannah I.I are all the plans for new homes that we offer in this style.

Two Story Homes

an image of a blue-sided, two-story new construction home

If you are looking for ample living space, our two-story homes might be the right fit for you. One of the main benefits of having a two-story home is all the space it provides. Two floors allow you to separate public and private areas, creating more privacy and quieter living spaces.

With so many styles to choose from, our two-story new homes can offer your family space to live and grow. Choosing a two-story home should be based on the needs and lifestyle of you and your family. Within our selection of floor plans, The Springfield, The Amberly, The Amberly II, The Brunswick, and The Canton all offer two-story living for your new home.

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Rancher-Style Homes

If you are trying to identify if a rancher-style home is the right fit for your family, you can keep a few indications in mind. First, consider whether you would benefit from living on a single level. With no stairs to climb, a rancher-style new home is an ideal option for those who have mobility issues or simply prefer to avoid stairs. In addition, a single-level home can be safer for young children or even pets who might be at risk of taking tumbles on the stairs.

With everything on one floor, our rancher-style homes are convenient and stylish. Not only will you rest assured knowing your entire family is on one floor of your home, but you can know that your home will grow with you all. We offer many different rancher-style for new construction houses with The Yorktowne, The Parkton, The Cape May, The Belmont, and The Kane floor plans.

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