Building new construction homes in Hanover, PA can be exciting, but logistically it can be tricky if you have a lease ending or are selling your existing home before your new home is due to be complete.  That may leave you wondering what to do if the timing doesn’t work out perfectly and you’re not sure where to live in the interim.  Here are a few suggesting to help make the transition a little smoother.

Where To Live While Building a New House

The right choice for where to live while building new construction homes in Hanover, PA will depend on several factors, including time needed in temporary housing, location, and budget.

Apartment Rentals: It’s easy to find an apartment to rent and you can take your belongings with you.  This can be cost effective if you need a temporary place to live for a longer period of time as well.  However, it may be smaller than what you’re used to so you may need to utilize a storage unit.

Furnished Vacation Rentals: These offer the benefit of providing everything you need from furniture to linens and kitchen necessities, as well as providing more space and a yard, but they can be expensive for long term stays.

Extended Stay Hotels:  This option may be best for a short stay where you’re comfortable in limited space.  Many offer amenities like kitchenettes, laundry, pools, and gyms to make your stay more comfortable.  However, the costs can add up quickly.

Family or Friends:  If you have friends or family with space available for you, this can be a good cost effective option.  However, it may not be ideal if you have kids or pets.

Sale Leaseback:  With this option, you can stay in your existing home by paying rent to the new homeowners of your home.  This allows for the smoothest transition, but you may have to agree to a lower sales price or other concessions.

Temporary Living – Worth the Wait for New Construction Homes in Hanover, PA

The best option depends on your budget, timeframe, lifestyle needs, and family situation.  It is a good idea to look into several choices to find the one that is best for you while communicating with your builder on the expected closing date.

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